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International customers Assistance   

French Affairs Management 

You own a property  or a business on French Riviera and it involves administrative tasks. We propose you to take charge of these tasks. We offer you a private French office, managing your affairs in order to free up more time for you to enjoy your holidays here. We will provide you the safety that things will be rightfully done, respecting French rules and in appropriate time.

Our priority and golden rule are to constantly check that your interests are always served with the best way and conditions.

Property Administrative Management

Property human ressources management 

Assistance & representing you with suppliers 

Checking and optimization of contracts

Assistance for buying or selling 

Renting assistance 

Syndic relationships


Business creation & assistance 

We will assist and advise you for your French business creation & management :

Choice of legal status

Creation formalities assistance

Business law

Financial management 

Financial ,banking  & insurance advice

We assist and advise you for :

Opening account in a French bank

Account management and reporting

Relationships with financial partners

Financial management (invoices, payments, budgeting...)

Accounting assistance 

Tax Assistance & management 

We assist and advise you for :

tax declarations

Tax payment

Tax optimization

Relationships with tax administration 

Private French assistance 

Writing mails or documents


Timetable management

Relationships with administrations & suppliers 

Event, project planning and management 

7/7 assistance

We will be your favorite French interlocutor and you can contact us 7/7 for assistance.

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